The Frankie Boyer Show

1 July 2013

Published July, 2013

The Frankie Boyer Show

Frankie Boyer, Host --- The Frankie Boyer Show --

Updated July 2013------I have been taking Advanced Connective Tissue Formula for about 11 months now and I just am so blown away by this amazing product. My skin is firmer all over my body including my breasts. The fine lines around my mouth, which a few months ago were deep lines, are so faint now you can hardly see them. The overall tone and texture of my skin has improved and my arms are not sagging as much and they seem to firm up faster when exercising. I have noticed my ugly cellulite is much better too. I just had a check-up and my HDL levels and bones have improved. An unexpected result was that I have less gray hair on my eyelashes, yes that is right – I was getting very gray and now just one stray. I went for a massage recently and was told I had amazing skin and tone of a woman my age. Overall there has been an improvement in my metabolism. I seem to be enjoying better overall health and during the past 6 months, I haven’t had a cold or sore throat even though I’m frequently on airplanes and travel constantly – I’m even sleeping better now. A very grateful, Frankie

Updated December 19, 2012---I cannot believe the difference in my skin - I am now another 1 1/2 containers into the product and it just is getting better and better each day. I have also noticed that my cellulite looks so much better but the fine lines around my mouth, which were the first signs of noticing how much I missed the product, are now slowly getting less visible. I went to the local spa to have a few age spots removed and the woman commented on how much collagen I have in my skin. I am so grateful to you and this product - you really have discovered the fountain of over all healthy aging!!!!

October 2012--- I had been taking Advanced Connective Tissue Formula for 4 months and I thought –ok, this seems to be softening the lines around my mouth, and it seems to be making my skin look better. I ran out of the product and kept forgetting to order more. A month to 5 weeks later I looked in the mirror and began to notice how OLD I was looking and it was then that I realized what was I not doing - BINGO - I had stopped taking Collagen MD’s Advanced Connective Tissue Formula. I could not believe the difference in the texture of my skin, the lines and wrinkles were no longer soft but more defined. I was shocked to see how quickly my face was changing and how old I looked, the glow was gone. I have now been taking my Advanced Connective Tissue Formula again for over 12 days and I noticed how quickly my skin responded. I am happy to report that the lines and texture have changed and my glow is back. I really can't believe how quickly my skin is responding, it is really like a before and after! I also would like to mention that I’ve noticed my overall energy has improved and my sleep patterns are once again, much better. I called Collagen MD up to share my personal experience and I said I can never be without this product. I never would have believed this if I didn't see it for myself but I am a believer!!! Collagen MD’s Advanced Connective Tissue Formula works!!! Thank you Collagen MD!!!!