Athena Markopulos, Publisher of SELECT Magazine: Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

1 October 2013

Published in SELECT Magazine - October, 2013

Athena Markopulos, Publisher of SELECT Magazine: Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

At the age of 44, my skin has lost some of its collagen and elasticity. I’ve developed fine lines around my eyes and forehead and it just "hangs" differently than it used to. I was determined to find a natural solution and since I’ve always known that topical collagen products are ineffective, I didn’t know where else to look. Luckily, a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of taking collagen internally—who knew? But with volition, she recommended that I use not just use any collagen supplements, but that "I must use Collagen MD" because of the results she had personally experienced. She noticed her skin had less wrinkles overall and that she didn’t need to get her Botox and other injections as often, which saved her a lot of money and hassle. It was because of her enthusiasm and story about this product that intrigued me enough to take Collagen MD myself to help restore the loss of collagen in my own face.

When I first began taking Collagen MD for aesthetic reasons, I found it hard to remember to take it on a regular basis. It was not until I was told that it was also good for joint health that I began to take it on a regular basis because of excruciating knee joint pain caused by a new exercise regimen. I was extremely grateful that within only a few weeks of taking Collagen MD on a daily basis, the knee joint pain disappeared. This was the undeniable evidence I was looking for and was instantly convinced that I must continue to take it.

With passion, I recommend that anyone interested in increasing their collagen levels throughout their body, take Collagen MD. I look forward to continuing this product on a regular basis and will report back with an update! A Sincere Thank You Collagen MD!

Athena Markopulos